boarding - where dogs come to stay and play!

Two locations:

Top Notch Kennels

Our spacious suites are equipped with comfy beds and blankets, full A/C and heating, and soothing music. All guests are served 2 delicious meals and snacks at bedtime and given potty breaks throughout the day. If you wish to bring food from home, please bring enough for your dog's boarding stay. Bag each meal individually, labeled with your dog's name and if it is for the AM or PM meal.

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Suite Rates:



Up to a comfy 48 square feet for guests.
Multiple dog discount in same family, $28/day/dog



A roomy 64 square feet for single or multiple guests.
Multiple dog discount in same family, $30/day/dog



A spacious 96 square feet for single or multiple guests.
Multiple dog discount in same family, $32/day/dog


Pee Wee Cottage

The Pee Wee Cottage is specially suited for your little dogs weighing less than 25 pounds! It's the same great, loving care as Top Notch Kennels with the comfort of a home environment! Look for the cottage with the red door just prior to our main entrance.

Bungalow rate:



Pee Wee Cottage cozy bungalow, for our guests under 25 pounds.

Check In/Out:

You may drop off/pick up anytime during office hours. Daily charges apply on drop off date; no day charge if picked up before 10:30AM on departure date. (Sundays excluded.)

Additional Services*:


Individual Playtime (20 minutes)


Group Play (2-3 hours) A one-time evaluation is required in order to consider your dog for group play visits. Dogs over 12 months of age participating in group play must be spayed/neutered.


In House Training (per lesson)




Grooming - Price varies according to breed, coat condition and haircut requests. Please call for a quote 209.523.3138.


*Rates effective 8/12/14

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